How did the semester go....
Japanese this semester really pushed me to a new level. I felt in the months of September and October I truly was diligent about practicing and reviewing Japanese. Then for various reasons at the end of October and into November my Japanese suffered. However now that I look at a page of hiragana, kanji, and katakana; it amazes me that I can read for the most part the sounds that the characters make and grasp some meaning. My favorite aspect of Japanese class were the closeness of the small class size and the unforgettable skits. My frustrations with Japanese probably occurred because I feel that the Genki textbook does not do a great job explaining grammar materials. Currently, I am on the borderline about whether to continue Japanese next semester. I know that if I do decide to continue I will need to enter a Japanese relearning mode over the winter break.

How did the speech go...
I felt the speech was a great experience and it was easier practicing by myself to prepare to speak in front of the class. I enjoyed the speech because I was able to discuss a topic in which I was interested. I practiced a multitude of times in my dorm room, but I felt that actually nothing could prepare me for speaking in front of the class. Even though I had memorized my speech, standing in front of the class made my nerves go a little haywire. Well, at least I survived. The other part of the speech project that I enjoyed was listening to the speeches of my classmates. It was interesting hearing about their various interests and experiences.


The peer editing I received was very beneficial. Hearing a second opinion on my writing helped me to refocus my paper and know which items to elaborate. It was also meaningful to have partners who offered suggestions on how to make changes on my paper.
I felt as well that reading the papers of my peers was beneficial. Through this reading I was able to realize the depth of the Japanese knowledge that I possess and the possible grammatical combinations. As well to be able to provide worthwhile feedback, I re-learned grammar that I had forgotten. I felt a bit limited though in the feedback I was able to provide because I was sometimes less confident in my grammatical knowledge. Sometimes I knew that a phrase was incorrect grammatically but I did not know how to correct it.
Overall this task was useful and I think I benefited most from reading the papers of my peers. Thus I learned the available possibilities to strengthen my Japanese.
Jaa mata.



チーム team

ジョギングする to go running

クロスカントリー Cross Country

カンリしょく  manager

カッグ  the Cage








チーム team

ジョギングする to go running

クロスカントリー Cross Country

カンリしょく  manager





I will add more later.....





What makes a good blog?
I think that good blog helps to expand the work you do in Japanese class and make it easier to apply Japanese to your everyday life. A good blog is written in Japanese when at all possible and incorporates the current chapter materials in an interesting way. As well, a strong blog includes pictures and other websites relating to the Japanese culture. Overall a good blog challenges and strengthens the Japanese you have learned.


Usually by Friday, I am ready to take a break from Japanese class for two days. However today I enjoyed our review session. It was comical with Sato Sensei as a reporter from a Japanese news station. I feel that our Japanese class (10 am) is its own close knit group and in the vastness of UVA, I embrace the familiar faces. Although some days I wish the class was only 3 times a week, I support grasping the new materials quickly.
Tonight I am excited about going to see "Much Ado about Nothing." Later on tonight I plan on adding some nihongo to my blog. Jaa mata.


Today I am glad that my Chapter 3 test has been completed. During the test, I was a bit nervous and I think that that affected my ability to think coherently. Nerves can be so detrimental to maintaining concentration for tests. Today, I realized that I need to restudy all of my Japanese katakana and practice reading hiragana. Today is my day to start over and get the help I need to pull my grade up in Japanese. I feel that in Japanese class I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of information we learn. However, I feel accomplished realizing that my Japanese capabilities are expanding. I guess I need to try to make Japanese studying more of an integral part of my daily life. On to studying, and sorry for my rambling.


TGIF- It's Fall Break!

Yes I am glad to be finished with Mallard exercises. Redoing the quizzes over and over again truly challenged my willpower. Now I am delighted with the notion that I have a four day weekend, however, the truth has set in that this weekend will be focused on studying for my Japanese history midterm on Wednesday. I dream of a day that I will not have to think about school work and never ending assignments. I guess I wish winter break was tomorrow. Well, so much for aspirations it is time to study!


I am a little bit intimidated about learning Kanji and conjugating verbs. However now in our skits we can use verbs other than です。Yeah! I am excited today because it is my mother's birthday, and I am going to visit her. Well until next week bloggers!
P.S. I posted a made up kaiwa between my mom and me.


This week I have struggled because of the rapid introduction of Katakana. Now I feel that I have to be very dilligent to try and master Katakana. On the other hand, in the past week I have felt more prepared and engaged for class. I think the challenges of Japanese 101 have made the language more rewarding. Hopefully each week I will grow better accustomed to Japanese so I can begin to be slightly comfortable with the language. I will post again next week.